Author sitting at a table with a plate of pasta


I’m an anthropology PhD student interested in stories about food, people, and labor in the ongoing Peruvian gastronomic revolution. My current research centers around native Andean crops, such as potatoes and peppers, and how they transform (materially and in meaning) in the hands of farmers in the highlands and chefs of high-end restaurants. 

Above all else, I am passionate about exploring my research interests through creative mediums beyond the scope of academia. I have a strong belief that anthropology can and should be made accessible for people of all backgrounds and abilities.

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yui (they/she)

Three women roasting guinea pigs over a grill
Roasting cuyes (guinea pigs). Cangahua 2019
An old stove with pots and pans outside of a house
A stove outside a picante (lunchtime restaurant). Cangahua 2018
Three piglets
Three piglets in the backyard. Cangahua 2019
A man running a food stand on the street
A young man selling llapingachos (fried potato pancakes) on the street. Quito 2019
A woman buying garlic at a market
A restaurant owner buys garlic from her friend. Cayambe 2019
A crowd of people walking around the outdoor market
Plaza Dominical, a local market. Cayambe 2019
About the blog:
“a grain of nice” comes from the idea that food has the potential to bring out the best in us—a reference to the smallest acts of love and kindness fermented in the simple shared joys of cooking and eating.