field notes of a hungry optimist

Taken at TelefériQo overlooking Volcán Pichincha and the capital city of Quito. July 2018

Hi! Welcome to my journal.

My name is yui.  I study Cultural and Linguistic Anthropology with a focus on food, agency, and everyday life—how mundane practices and the language surrounding those activities shape our identities, ideologies, and the way we experience the world.  

I impulsively bought the domain a grain of nice two years ago because I had (and still have) this dream of using my writing to explore my two favorite things—food and people—and I thought the wordplay on a grain of rice encompassed the potential that food has to bring out the best in us, as a reference to the smallest acts of love and kindness fermented in the simple shared joy of cooking and eating with which each and every one of us are familiar.

It also works because I treat this blog merely as a diary—no groundbreaking truths to be found here!—and as such, all of my musings should be taken with a grain of [salt].  Just as a disclaimer, in case someone wants to sue me over my review of pasta or something.

Aside from being an avid gastronome and a huge anthropology nerd, I also like to learn languages, kayak, write songs on my uke, ride my bike, take pictures, and go backpacking. 

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you find something worthwhile in here.