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img_5463-1I’m an anthropologist who studies food and the people who make it.


My research interests are concerned with food and the environment in both the material and metaphorical senses. My current endeavors focus on food ideologies, landscape histories, and human-nonhuman relationships against the backdrop of settler capitalism and climate change.  I’m particularly interested in how our identities and subjective realities are formed and reformed by the acts of eating, cooking, producing, and sharing food, and all of the social, political, and spiritual processes embedded in the things we eat.

IMG_5609I’m also passionate about exploring my research interests through creative mediums beyond the scope of academia, and have a strong belief that anthropology can and should be made accessible for everyone.

Aside from being an avid gastronome, I’m into mountain biking, learning languages, gardening, journaling, and drawing silly doodles of historical figures.  IMG_3727

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yui (she/they)

About the blog:
“a grain of nice” comes from my belief that food has the potential to bring out the best in us—a reference to the smallest acts of love and kindness fermented in the simple shared joy of cooking and eating with which each and every one of us are familiar.