field notes of a hungry optimist

Taken at TelefériQo overlooking Volcán Pichincha and the capital city of Quito. July 2018


Hello & welcome to my journal!

My name is yui.  I study Cultural & Linguistic Anthropology with a focus on narratives about food in our everyday lives.  I’m interested in learning about (and of course eating) dishes from around the world, and examining the role that language plays in crafting our relationship to food and the biotic and cultural systems that surround it.


a grain of nice comes from my belief that food has the potential to bring out the best in us—a reference to the smallest acts of love and kindness fermented in the simple shared joy of cooking and eating with which each and every one of us are familiar.


Aside from being an avid gastronome & anthropology nerd, I’m also into learning languages, cycling, kayaking, playing music, and trying new things.

Thanks for stopping by!