Anthrodoodles Update #2: One Frame In

We have made it to Week Two of updates for Anthrodoodles!
Today, I’m very happy to announce that:

  1. The video is not ready
  2. But! Hear me out,
  3. The script is also not ready

I can explain. You see, as all self-employed (?) creatives do when they’ve set an arbitrary deadline on a project that has yet to exist, I asked myself, “Wouldn’t it be fun if I started a second thing before I finish the first thing and created more work for myself and gave myself less time to work on both of those things?” and emphatically replied, “Yes, yes it would!”

So while I was chugging away at the Nature-Culture script, an inner voice crept up and cajoled me into starting a second script against my will, and my attention had to be poured into an introductory video for Anthrodoodles. Now I have two incomplete scripts.

Just a detour, not a derailment. The intro will eventually need to get made, as a kind of “Welcome to Anthrodoodles, here’s the kind of content you’ll find here!” message. So in a sense, I’m actually ahead of schedule—overachieving, even! But we’ll focus more on just the Nature-Culture video for the entirety of next week because gosh darn it I just wanna get this first video started (although the phase after scriptwriting is voiceover recording which is easily my least favorite phase).

But since you came all this way to read this blog post today, I will give you a sneak peek of the animation style I’m picturing for this project by sharing the first and only frame I’ve illustrated, to be used in my introduction video:

Graduation in the age of corona

In this shot, I was thinking I’d briefly cover my background and say something along the lines of recently I got a degree in Anthropology blah blah blah. I actually prefer to have the voiceover recorded and laid out and edited before I start storyboarding and piecing together the visuals with the script, but I just needed a visual affirmation that this project is real. Every time I look at this, I convince myself a little bit more that this video will get made.

So I’m not even going to think about the fact that the two hours I put into this single shot will translate to 1.7 seconds in the video.

Baby steps, folks. The babiest of baby steps, but a step nonetheless.

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